Grand Lodge

BC and Yukon





Our Lodge holds our regular meetings at 8:00pm on the first Thursday every month from February to June and October to December and the third Thursday in January and September. Our Emergent meetings are the third Thursday February to May and October and November. We are "dark" during July and August. All Brethren are welcome to attend. We can be found at the Prince George Masonic Temple at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Vancouver Street, (entrance off Vancouver Street.) (map)

As residents of Prince George, there are two opportunities to practice within Blue Lodges both Canadian (Nechako #86) and Ancient (Prince George #178). Any Thursday night (excluding July and August) is lodge night in Prince George. If you are a visiting Brother we encourage you to experience both works, as the whole story is best told through more than one perspective. If you are a future candidate you have choices, and whichever choice you decide upon it will be to your benefit to experience both Lodges by way of visiting your sister Lodge as often as you can.

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