W. Bro. Toastmaster, M.W. Grand Master and brethren;


It is a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to propose a toast to our visiting brethren. A visit is a most gratifying experience among freemasons. Since this lodge was constituted we have enjoyed receiving visitors from all quarters of the world. Many of our own members have had the opportunity and privilege of visiting lodges in our own country and internationally. May you continue to visit our lodge, as the hand of fellowship is always extended.
Brethren of .... Lodge, will you please be upstanding and drink with me a toast to our visiting brethren




To our visitors.


W. Bro. Toastmaster, R.W. District Deputy Grand Master, brethren;


It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to propose, what I consider the most important toast of the evening, a toast to our visitors. A visit among freemasons is always a gratifying experience. Visiting is a form of communication. We impart and receive knowledge, ideas and, most important: expressions of friendship and brotherhood. But are we communicators? Do we pass on that which we have received from one to another? If that which is received from a brother ends with us it might as well not been said. The brethren of this lodge hope that their message of friendship and brotherhood is worthy of being passed on.
Brethren of .... Lodge, Please assist me in communicating our friendship and brotherhood and be upstanding for a toast.

To the visitors.



Bro. Toastmaster and brethren.


What can I say about visiting that has not been so eloquently said by my predecessors in this pleasant duty? We are all visitors on this sublunary abode but this evening we have had the pleasure of welcoming you to our own small part of it. And I now have the humble distinction of calling my brethren to further extend that welcome. Brethren, please be upstanding for a toast.

To the visitors.


Bro. Toastmaster and brethren.

A Toast to all our differences
A Toast to common ground
A Toast to what we're seeking
A Toast to what we've found
To what brings us together
To what sets us apart
A Toast to many different souls
United with one heart.


To the visitors ...


Dan Zrymiak